Friday, February 25, 2011

God is a DJ

One of my favorite musical artist is Pink and in 2003 she released a song titled "God is a DJ." What I have learned this week is not only is G-d a DJ, but he also has a HUGE Universal pause button which he uses on us at the most interesting times.

For those of you who know me, you know that a year and half ago I left a lucrative job at a up and coming medical information exchange company called Medicity to go join a scrappy start up called Kynetx. Kynetx was bootstrapped buy a couple of gentlemen that I have had the honor of working for and with over the course of the last eleven years. So off I went to go chase my dream of doing something which would change the World.

[G-d got out his DJ equipment and hit the play button]

Last year was an amazing experience. It seemed that the Universe was aligning our way at every turn. There were so many holy sh*t moments that frankly I stopped counting for fear of jinxing the run. We had the right idea, the right team at exactly the right time to execute our ideas and plans. Nothing could stop us, we were on a roll.

[G-d was bringing down the house with some funky beats]

At the start of this year we had our annual all hands meeting in which the founders, Steve and Phil, outlined the revenue and development goals for team. During this meeting we learned about all of the opportunities in our sales pipeline as well as our plans to grow our developer community by a couple of orders of magnitude. Once again, the Universe was lining up for us to have another amazing year and we could not believe our good fortune.

[Last week, G-d started to run his finger across the pause button....]

This past Wednesday Steve pulled me into his office and explained to me that come Friday, I was to be laid off.


The next two days were some of the most surreal of my life. It was like I landed on Bizzaro World where everything was the same, yet all of it was different. What was most surprising to me though was the fact that I had reached a level of Zen and clarity about what was happening that I never thought possible.

Now it is Friday, my last day at Kynetx, and I could not be more peaceful and at ease. It was only this evening, after reading an amazing post by my good friend Mike, that I understood why this was the case.

It is because I figured out that the Kynetx soundscape has not collapsed, not by a long shot. You see, not only did Steve and Phil make what I know to be one of the most gut wrenching decision of their lives, but also a move of sheer brillance and courage. So courageously brilliant in fact, that I believe it will prove to be one of the most deft pieces of businessman-ship in recorded history. The overall effect of what they set in motion will be to insanely focus the remaining team member's efforts around execution. Mark my words, Kynetx will not only persist, but flourish and prosper because of the decision Phil and Steve made this week.

So this brings me back to the cause of my surprising Zen like state. What I worked out this evening was that I have absolute belief that someday G-d will push the play button, and I once again will be part of the Kynetx soundscape.

So for now, I am content with the knowledge that G-d only hit the pause button and not the stop, or worse, eject button.

I anxiously await the next ..