Wednesday, December 30, 2015

An Open Love Letter to Geekshow

Dear Geekshow Panelists,

Where to start ... there are so many thoughts and feelings being barely contained within my head, that it is hard to marshall or make sense of them all, but I will try.

Let me start with this. Thank you. Thank you for helping me accept that being a "nerd". "geek", "weirdo" or any other epithet applied to people who act, think, or behave in a manner that is counter to social norms, is something to celebrate and not be ashamed of. This one change of perspective has had an enormous impact on me, and how I view myself.

This last year has been a year of discovery for me. I discovered that there are many more of us then I ever thought possible through my attendance of Comic Con. I discovered that there is a whole subculture of geekdom that I never knew existed. but most importantly, I discovered Geekshow and you fine gentlemen.

It is that last point that I want to dwell on for a moment if I may. 

We have never met. I have attended a couple of the GS live events and had “brushes” with many of you in those random passing moments one has when living in proximity to each other, but we don't know each other.

Even though we have never met, I feel like I know each of you … at least parts of you. They are the parts that you allow us, the listeners of Geekshow, to know and connect with. It is what keeps Geekshow from being “just another podcast” and turns it into a weekly gathering of the kindred. 

This was indeed the case for me during these last few weeks with the build up to the release of Star Wars, during any discussion about the virtues of the Star Trek universe, or when Jeff passed.

Man, that was hard to write, and I am sure hard for you to read. I did not know Jeff, so I will not pretend that I did … I will just say that I can empathize with the emotions that you all shared so rawly during your mourning.

I mourned with you guys, I think we all did. (quick side note to Kerry: damn you man!! you made me lose it on I-15 when during your fireside when you gave a shout out to Jeff). 

This brings me to my main point … you have allowed us inside, and in a very selfless act, made yourselves vulnerable to people, some of whom you will never meet. Do you understand how noble and amazing that is? I hope you do, because in a world of disconnection and disaffection, you have provided respite and opportunity for those of us who often feel on the periphery to feel like we belong to something bigger than ourselves. 

Geekshow is comfort … it is acceptance … it is friendship.

So again gentlemen, thank you for opening yourselves up, inviting us in, and accepting us as we are.


Q. Wade Billings, a fellow geek.