Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All blocked up...

I have written this post three times, and each time I have tried using a different topic. Nothing seems to fit as nothing in my life seems is of such great import as to warrant a full scale blog posting.

This is not to say that good things are not occurring in my life, to the contrary, I am happier today than I was yesterday, and I expect tomorrow will be better than today.

Things just don't seem to be blog worthy.

That is the funny thing, somewhere along the line writing a blog became less about the free sharing of thoughts and ideas, and more about making an impact.

Maybe that is why we love FaceBook and Twitter so much. They allow us to express our often times incoherent or incomplete musings without feeling guilty about the rubbish we just posted. I mean why would someone take the time to blog about the BLT they just ate, or the fact that the guy sitting next to them smells of unwashed feet?

Instead, I sit down wanting to write something thought provoking or inspiring, but all I can come up with is inane drivel about the last Spotify find I made, or something along those lines.


I wonder, have you ever sat down and just let the comfort of life just settle on you? That is what I am doing right now... feeling very comfortable and I think that may be a problem.

Tony Robbins says that we are at our best when we are uncomfortable. I think that there is insight and wisdom in that concept. At work I constantly challenge people around me to move outside of their comfort zones and get uncomfortable.

I wonder why I have a hard time taking my own challenge....

Asking that question out-loud makes me uncomfortable... 



  1. Yes! And things are about to get uncomfortable around here : ) Just the other day I was setting some goals with some colleagues and they said that the goal was "uncomfortable". I responded with, "Perfect! Guess we know that it's a good goal then".

    1. Hazzah!!! Damn I miss us Grace!! If you ever get back Utah way, please ping me as I want to do lunch and catch up with you.

      Keep feeling uncomfortable!!

  2. I am trying to step out and be "uncomfortable" because nothing positive is going to happen if I stay in my "easy" place.