Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Impressions from Kynetx Impact 3.0

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (@qwade) or on Facebook, you will no doubt know that I have been attending the Kynetx developer's conference called "Impact." This was the third iteration of the conference, hence the "3.0" moniker and it was attended by over 140 developers and technologists from all over the US and Canada and had many amazing moments.

One of these particular moments was the live interview of Dr. Phil Windley and "Doc" Searls hosted by Robert Scoble. This interview session focused on the notion of the "Live Web" and what it means to technology. I was impressed by the intellect and candor of all of the participants as they deconstructed what the Live Web is, and is not, going to include. Robert is a natural interviewer and the two "Docs" were on fire.

As I performed a mental review of all that was said during the interview, I came to the conclusion that the Live Web will finally bring to fruition the long standing promise of the Internet. As Doc Searls stated in his keynote and repeated during the interview session, the Internet should be available to everyone, usable by everyone and improved by anyone who wants to make improvements. In other words, it belongs to everyone and no one at the same time and should be open.

The Live Web is what the Internet was meant to be and Kynetx is the platform of choice upon which to build it.

Another memorable amazing moment came today as I listened to Neil Mansilla of Mashery talk about his "entrepreneurial style and code." Neil has a great presentation style and had a very interesting story to tell. The gist of it was that you need to think small when trying to start a business and keep it real. This was a refreshing perspective from someone who has a 10 and 17 record, which is actually impressive given the 1 in 10 record of most VC's.

I think Neil's message is a message that every Kynetx developer or nascent entrepreneur should hear as it gives great guidance and reasons for hope in today's competitive business environment.

Overall I was very impressed with this most recent teration of Impact and I look forward to seeing what develops from the great momentum created from it.

While I am no longer a day to day member of the Kynetx team, I do have a vested interest in the success of Kynetx as I am a equity holder in the company. I know that the leadership of the company has the right vision for the passionate Kynetx team to execute. I also know the brilliance which lives in the hearts and minds of this team, and mark my words, these guys are going to change the World.

In the words of Mr. Steve Fulling, "onward and upward!!" and "Get 'er done!!"

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