Friday, March 18, 2011

Taking stock

So today is my 42nd birthday. Yep, it was forty two years ago that I was brought forth unto this World by my mother and father.

It has been a fairly normal birthday full of well wishes and notes from family and friends far and wide. There have been many renditions of "Happy Birthday" sung, fun made at the fact that I am a grandfather and references made to my looming AARP eligibility.

The one thing I did not expect to do today was to inventory my life to date. As I lay in bed this morning after being awoken by a call from my best friend in the World Russ Wynn, I realized something; My life could not get any better than it is right now.

It hit me like a ten ton heavy thing how blessed I am. I am blessed with a wonderful family (some blood, some not). I am blessed with a stable of friends that is second to none. I am blessed with health and everything I need to live a comfortable life.

In short, I need or want for nothing.

So on a day where it is customary to receive gifts, I instead want to give one to all of those who are part of my life. I want to give you the gift of my undying admiration, love and gratitude. Because of you, I have all that I could ever want or need in life.

I also want to thank my Father in Heaven for blessing me each and every day. It is through him that my strength in drawn.

In short, in taking stock of the last 42 years, all I can say is I am thankful and more than a little humbled by what has been given to me by so many.

It is indeed a very happy birthday for me.


  1. You almost made me cry! Happy birthday, Wade!

  2. Gratitude is the best virtue. Glad our paths crossed and hope they stay connected for a long time. Happy Birthday.